Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$$$$$ Shoes $$$

The last time Annette visited she was "vocal" about how rag-a-muffin my kids looked in their worn out shoes. I assured her they were fairly new the kids just had worn them out quickly. She just kept this foul look on her face as she insisted we go buy new ones. Well she has been gone a little over a week and I have proof that the new shoes she got them are already ruined. I swear kids are a never ending vacuum of money. My kids love to go through socks and shoes like they grow on trees and oddly enough the way their Aunt cow tails to their needs you would think her money grows on trees. (Ha I am getting REALLY cute with this post aren't I?) Any way. This picture is for documentation purposes only. I am keeping a running tab of expenses so I can show my kids how much they cost me when I am old and need my diaper changed.
What do you think Aunt Net do you believe me now?

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Anonymous said...

Aunt net's new idea is maybe we should get some play shoes and then have seperate shoes for school...