Thursday, October 31, 2013

Derek's 6th Birthday

We had a combined party with Peyton the week before Halloween. We rented the same slide from two years prior. It was so much fun (again). At one point the men were grabbing kids and throwing them down the slide and they would just bounce off the bottom like rag dolls. And then later we got the hose out and turned it into a water slide. We had the slide for a total of 9 hours so it was a blast! Usually if you go to a local event you pay and wait in line forever just to slide down once. This way we could go as many times as we wanted. He got a bike and drum set this year. And his cake was and Pinata were minions. Peyton had little mermaid stuff but the common color was blue so it all blended really well. I love him and hate that he is growing up. He is so happy ALL THE TIME. I wish I could bottle up his positive way of looking at life. He really is such a joy and so sweet we love that he came into our family.

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