Thursday, March 6, 2014

Littlest Pet Shops - I am so over it already

Barbies-NO Baby Dolls-No Disney Princess-NO For some reason my girls (olivia especially) latched onto Littlest Pet Shops, and by "latched on" I mean obsess about them every waking second of their lives. Any way. They love watching you tube videos of other kids that have made little videos playing with these pet shops or making furniture for them. Olivia recently showed me these beds a girl had made for them out of card board and fabric and wanted so badly to make them herself. So in a vain attempt to convince Andrew I am worth all the money I blow at Starbucks and Chuys I bought some crafty stuff and played a fun loving adoring mother for half a Sat afternoon. And here is the end result. Cute beds. Girls are happy. I have sore fingers and we will throw them away when they fall apart in about 4-5 days. I spent more money to "make" wobbly and crappy card board beds than it would cost to just buy plastic beds already made for a doll house. That is the world of cute crafting in a nutshell. Sorry if this post doesn't make you happy.

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