Sunday, April 19, 2015

Job #2

The reason I have not blogged in forever is cause I got a second job. It was perfect cause it kept me busy while the kids were in school, which meant I went out to eat less and shopping less. I saved money and we made some big strides financially. I went to work for a friend from the gym in a day care. It was pretty run down and looking ratty. I got to go in and decorate the rooms with themes. It was so much fun. I did a DR. Suess room. An under the sea room. A monkey room. A cute bear room for the babies. The hungry Caterpillar room. And a rainbow room which ended up being my Pre-K room. I wish I had pics of all the rooms. They were so so cute but I didn't get pics. I am off for the summer now to spend more time with my kids. I still was working at the gym so it was pretty busy. I will continue to work at the gym. This week we launch the new Grit series at 24 Hour Fitness and I am soo freaking excited! Its the best workout ever and I feel so lucky to be healthy so I can teach and motivate people. Its like the best job ever. I do have a pic of some of my art work in my rainbow room. It was hard cause they wouldn't let us paint the walls so I had to make do with butcher paper and staples.

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