Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The house

Three years after a short sale in Arizona we are back on and ready to buy. Renting has been a real hassle but we had to pay our dues. Our budget this go around for sure wasn't as big as the first time. Thats to be expected, but a real shame cause if we could get a house here for what our Arizona home was worth it would be very VERY nice. Any way this is the new House. The seller asked for more time to move out so we are moving on Sep 1st. The best part is this time we are hiring movers and a cleaning crew. So happy and excited. I am going to love having a landscaped back yard, an office with doors, and more bathrooms. As soon as we get it I will take before and after pics. I know you are just dying to see how I decorate! Im dying to see how I will afford to decorate after we buy this house. I'll be working the corner folks call me for pricing details.

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