Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Murphy's Law

I am the biggest believer in Murphy's Law. Almost to the point where some might call me superstitious. Which is dumb cause its really just me being proactive. If I leave 15 minutes earlier than necessary to work I hit every green light and I am way early and I have to hang out in the car and play on my phone. But when I head out late I hit every red light, i run out of gas, there is an accident on the road, the mic isn't working, or I forget my music. Its like everything that could go wrong will. If you pack and emergency kit in your car you NEVER use it. If you don't have one you find yourself stranded in the desert for 17 days drinking your own piss to survive. And for me it seriously is that bad. As soon as we wiped out our savings and extra cushion in checking to put down on the new house I just new the "shit was gonna hit the fan". I was so nervous and antsy just waiting to get run over by a bus or drown in a pool. About a week later Derek comes into my room in the middle of the night crying. He said he hit his front teeth that day playing and his mouth hurt. I turned on the light and his whole mouth was swollen. His gums were bulging with puss and he had a fever. Best part is it was the WEEKEND! meaning any medical attention he needed would cost triple. I gave him Motrin for the pain and called the dentist emergency number. He was put on antibiotics and scheduled to have surgery 4 days later. He had to have his front teeth removed. Even if we bought veneers he could get another infection and be in pain. They suggested he be sedated so his surgery wasn't painful and scary. All that means is more $$$. After all was said and done the total bill $1,000.00. No savings. And the tooth fairy had to visit. I can't wait to build back up some more savings and get over this hump. Until then Murphy's law is hot on my tail and it feels like the devil is chasing me. Pray for me. It always gets worse before it gets better.
Derek after Surgery. He is doing well but still isn't used to talking with no front teeth.
Tooth fairy visited. This website allows up to ten pictures for one fee. You bet your sweet ass I'm gonna get my money's worth. After I bought a pic for Olivia I have 9 more to go so I did one for Derek too. He loved that she wore blue cause he is "a dude"
The toy he got from the tooth fairy. He got two at one time since he lost two teeth. (Thanks aunt Net for texting me and reminding me to be the tooth fairy or the poor kid would have been distraught) Side note--- I was also going to show a picture of my savings account showing a balance of zero. But once I downloaded that pic and previewed the whole thing its seemed a tad on the dramatic side so I took it out. Now I'm thinking I could have a pic of an ugly mad man chasing me, carrying a sign that says Murphy's law and I am all running looking frightened, skinny, and upset to better illustrate this story ? Yes. yes.. thats a much better idea!

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