Friday, September 21, 2012

Football 2012

Dallin has had fun playing ball this year. He is getting better and you can tell he enjoys doing well at something. But it has been difficult in other ways in that he is too big. I know most people think you can never be too big especially in football. And that is very true. I guess its just hard to be big when you are young. He is huge for his age. In fact when we went in for his physical the doctor flipped out and ordered a round of blood tests and bone measurements to make sure he didn't have a disorder. After all the tests were done... they concluded he is just a big kid cause he is going to be really big adult. But he is at the very ceiling on his weight limit for his age group. There are kids two years older than him on the same team that don't weigh as much. His second game he didn't make weight. So we tried creative ways to help him so he wouldn't have to sit out of the game. Andrew wants him to play down and be the biggest and I wanted him to play up and be challenged and not have to worry about his weight. In the end Andrew got his way (even though I was right). Its been rough every week. In fact he weighs in tomorrow and I am not sure he will make it. Poor kid isn't happy about all this. Most guys would kill to be as big as him. It just comes down to his age. He is too young to appreciate his size. All he knows is he is different and to young kids that sucks. One day it will all make sense. I am ubber sensitive momma bear about this so watch what you say or I could jump down your throat. Lets just say all his coaches are scared of me. And Andrew doesn't sleep soundly knowing I am the kind of person that would gut you in your sleep. And thats how I like it. He's my baby! Always will be.

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