Monday, October 15, 2012

Addie's Baptism

Addie was baptized on the 29th of September. Andrew's parents flew out and all of my family made it except for my dad (football season-nuff said). What can I say? I was very happy with how it all went. Becka and Olivia sang a song. I have it up on face book here is the link!/photo.php?v=4756124505035&set=vb.1352901591&type=2&theater My brother and Dallin gave the best talks! They were short and sweet. Uncle Jed cried which is pretty rare. I think its the first time Jed has ever cried during a talk. He is getting softer. Addie played a song on the piano. Annette came in to announce out loud that there was no plug for a hair blow dryer. Smooth Annette! John was giving me a hard time like always. Peyton was walking all over the room talking very loud and cute. Grandma played the piano with extra bravado. Andrew gave the prayer when she was confirmed with the Holy Ghost. Me and every one else in the audience have NO idea what he said cause he is very soft spoken so... maybe its written on some documents in heaven some where and I can get a copy. Other wise it was a sweet memorable day. We celebrated at Chuck E cheeses later Bassett style which is always a good time.

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