Thursday, January 24, 2013

More to do

We always take a few months off after football season. Getting Dallin to his practices and games. And getting Olivia to cheer is exhausting. But after month one of nothing the kids start to do crazy dumb things when they are bored. Like bug each other, or print of thousands of pictures to color, or vandalize my house. Then I know its time to start the craziness all over again so I can stay sane while I'm going insane...if that makes any sense? Addie has been consistent with her piano. I go and just sit outside of the teachers house and work on memorizing choreography for my job. Now Dallin and Derek go to Karate. Dallin goes up to six times a week and Derek about twice a week. They both love it! Baseball starts in a couple of weeks so that will be added to the mix. And then I put Miss Olivia in gymnastics. She wanted to do it. And she was such a pill about soccer I decided let her do what she wants.

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