Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Apparently its not a big deal to have your appendix taken out. Yet if you don't then it can kill you. Andrew had symptoms and went to the ER a couple years ago. My brother in law had his taken out a few months ago and then like 2 weeks later my sister had it done. So when I felt that pain I knew what it was right away. It was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep it hurt so bad. I decided to teach my abdominal strength training class the next morning and then I was going to the doc right after. I didn't make it that far. During some of the crunches the pain got so bad I passed out. Then one of the class members was like I am taking you to the ER. It was totally awkward!! I would have rather driven myself. I wanted to go home maybe get on some clean underwear brush my teeth.. you know? But she took me an stayed there till my mom came up. Then I sat in a room for hours and hours. I knew what it was. I told the doc what it was. But they did blood work-negative, then an Ultrasound-negative, more blood work--It ALL came back negative. So then the doc comes in and talks to me about my diet and how its causing me ulcers. He was going to send me home with some ulcer medication. I called my sister (the nurse) and she said to demand a CT scan. So I did..And whad do ya know? I had appendicitis. 11 p.m. they did the surgery and I left the next morning. The only painful part is all the air that gets left inside your body. Plus I had to take a week off of work. Here is the reason I wrote this post though. When I got home Addie told me stayed in during recess to make me a get well soon gift. And when she showed it to me I cried. I am amazed at how incredibly talented she is in art. It is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. The colors she chose and just everything about it made me soo soo so happy inside. It was perfect! I seriously admire that little girl.

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