Thursday, May 30, 2013

Addie is too smart

Yesterday was the 2nd grade award ceremony. Addie won more awards than any other student in the 2nd grade at her school. She won all of the highest awards in academics. And the best over all award for her class the Citizenship award. She gingerly mentioned something about an award ceremony as she was getting dressed for school that morning, but I had to work. Good thing Andrew's parents were in town so someone could be there. I felt bad when I heard how she cleaned house. At home we treat her normal and honestly I never knew she was that on top of things. Yes I know she is smart. But I really had no idea just HOW smart. I never help her with her home work. I never push her.(mainly because I hate parents that are that way with their kids) Outside of getting her a public library card I don't do anything for her really. I mean... food and shelter but that's more her dads doing since my income mainly pays for my Starbucks and shoe addiction. Any way. She is pretty amazing. And its all her doing. OMG what am I going to do with this crazy girl? For now my game plan is to down play her smarts so it still looks like there is a good reason why I am running the show.

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