Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disney Land with Aunt Net 2013

My sister wanted to spend loads of money taking little Derek to Disney Land. Not sure why.?? We all know if I had that kind of money to blow I would be on a cruise BY MY SELF!...but she loves kids. There is a special place in heaven for her I am sure. She did not take a ton of pictures. I am usually the one that does all that. But he had a blast and that's all that matters right? Its been weeks since they got back and every day he will tell us a story from his trip. He sleeps with the mickey mouse ears she got him on. And he considers her his best friend. I of course was worried about how much I would miss him when he left but I knew this was the opportunity of a life time for a little 5 yr old to see lightening Mcqueen in real life (he swears it was the REAL lightening mcqueen) and I couldn't let him pass up. Thanks Annette for making his dreams come true!

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