Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dallins Birthday

Turning 11 wasn't that fun this year. He woke up and had to go to a full day of football. Two games in the miserable heat. We asked him what he wanted and he didn't know and we didn't know so we settled on just giving him cash. But I am waiting till pay day to officially hand it over. Which sucks. I bought cupcakes for his football team. I drove home to pick them up cause (I was worried about them melting in the heat), but I got back too late and half his team had already left. We drove to Grandma and Grandpa Bassett's house and lucky for me my mom had bought a cake and ice cream. We sang to him and that was the only moment it really felt like a birthday. Next morning he went fishing and he loves doing that. Hopefully this week sometime I can help him go buy something with his money or take him out for ice cream. Its an odd age. Too old for toys and too old for a birthday party. Whats a mom to do? I really think if I give him an additional $50 he would be willing wipe away all bad memories. My boy loves money! It doesn't mean that I don't adore him and feel honored that he is my son.

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