Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Derek's in Kindergarten

My last one is in REAL school. I did have moments where I was sad or upset he wouldn't be with me any more. But trust me I never cry or tell my kids about those feelings. Progress is important. Growing up can't be halted. So why waste time hating something you can't change? Or making it into drama so you kids feel bad? I hate crying moms! Truthfully I was so damn busy with the school nurse trying to argue with her about his shot records that it kind of helped distract me a little. He is one happy little fella. I do worry he will tell fart jokes. He is my one child that thinks farting is hysterical. I absolutely detest farting... so naturally I got a son that has a physical disorder where he farts often and then laughs for 20 min after. He got this from his fathers side of the family. I kept lecturing him about this little personality flaw over the summer. All I can do now is hope and pray he takes my advice. Other than that he will make a great student. He also told me (about a week before school) that he wanted to dye his hair brown. He hates his "orange" hair and wants to fit in. Honestly it broke my heart to hear that. After talking to my red headed siblings it was confirmed that most red heads hate their hair. I took him to pick out some "cool" back to school clothes and then we got some ice cream. It seemed to make him feel better for the time being. Poor little nugget. Fitting in is hard. But I wish him the best this year as a kindergartener. Now all I need is a new lunch partner to go with me to Chuys. And a second job...sigh

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Becka said...

Don't worry, as I was reading this I cried enough for the both of us!