Thursday, May 21, 2015

My BIG Boys

We have a giant sized ruler in our office. Its one of the very few things I actually made from Pinterest. I measure the kids and write down the date to show how fast they are growing. My boys are getting pretty tall! You always know they are about to hit a growth spurt cause they eat and eat and eat. Nothing tides them over. Derek is going through one now. Its costing me a fortune to feed them. I took some pics with them after a baseball game just to prove I actually attended one this year. I didn't go to hardly any games which I am sure Andrew and the boys loved cause I can be that crazy mom in the stand sometimes. It takes the pressure off when I am not there. Andrew doesn't push them to go hard at all. He thinks the soft teddy bear approach is best... I won't share my opinions on his approach cause I don't want to be negative here, but I can say Thank GOD they have me or there would be little to no success (lol).. uuhhh .. Check out how big my 12 year old boy has gotten. He is 5ft 9inches and still growing! If Derek follows his big brother he will be pretty tall too. I really hope my boys are tall. My dad always said never date a guy under 6ft 3" cause he wanted his grand sons to be big boys. I did at least listen to him on that one. My brother Jed however..not so much.. His wife is under 6ft 3" so we will see how big his boys end up. Sorry Bro I am going to win this time!! ha ha

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