Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Summer summed UP (2015)

We had a really reeeeally fun summer!! For me it was honestly the best summer I have ever had. Even more fun than when I was a teenager, if you can believe it. I went on a girls trip with my two best friends and had the best time floating the river. Its a thing people in Texas do. I went back a few more times before summer ended and I plan on going many more times. Dallin did football camps and got all ripped. The older two kids learned how to cook. We bought season passes to Hawaiian Falls and were there almost every day. Andrew had a mini heart attack on the adventure park. It was pretty scary, but it made him start a diet and exercise program and he has lost about 30lbs and can run pretty fast now. I lost some weight too. My dad lived with us for part of it (while his house was being built). He took the kids skating and bar b qued almost every damn day. Both girls did horse back riding lessons and tennis camps. I went on some pretty amazing hikes with a friend from work. It really was packed with scorching heat and mega fun filled days. I Love my kids and hope I can find a way to not work during the summers and keep the fun rolling.

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