Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dallin is officially a teen! 13

Dallin turned thirteen. He has been acting like a teenager for a while. With a grumpy attitude and acne and sleeping all day, but I guess this birthday made it official. It wasn't much of a celebration. I think at this age its time to stop throwing parties (mainly because I hate throwing parties), but any way my parents and a few of his close friends came over for cake. The best part was aunt Net's gift. She had 6 balloons wrapped in a huge box. He went over and over what he thought might be in the box it really had him stumped. At first when he opened it and balloons popped out he looked disappointed, then it dawned on him that $$$$ money was inside. He loves money! The next day he went with his two best friends to Sonic and swimming at Barton Springs. He is really into shoes and got some cool Jordans and a new phone from mom and dad. He is a super smart talented kid and I am so glad he is mine.

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