Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Addi's 11th Birthday

She had a small group of friends over for a painting/Hawaiian Falls/Slumber party. Its never fun to have any group of girls over. But Addi has some pretty chill friends. She is very particular about everything in life including the company she keeps. I could hear her in her room bossing her friends around any time they were being loud, or silly, or annoying. I went to bed and did pretty much nothing. She even planned her party and organized it herself. Its nice having such a smart independent daughter. She is already babysitting and is very responsible with Landon (the little boy she babysits) One night she called me cause he had locked her out of the his room. She told me she felt horrible and I reassured her that I had my own children lock me out several times during my parenting days. To which she replied "yeah, but that is you mom....I should know better". She even refused to take payment after the incident cause she felt like she let the parents down. She is just like her father. But I love that she loves me and can joke around with me even though I am crazy unorganized and helpless most days. And check out the pic of her below. Isnt she gorgeous?

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