Monday, December 14, 2009

The LOCAL crap parade.

The city of Pflugerville is very close to Dell which is Andrew's client but it is a pretty small town. So we either do bigger things in Austin or we see what the locals have to offer. With kids it easier to not drive very far and its free to just hang out in Pflugerville. The only down side is the light Parade consists of a million boy scout troops riding in trailers hitched onto the back of a Tractor with a string of lights flung over it. Oh and I forgot to include the BMX bikers with glow necklaces laced in the spokes of their bike wheels. Inadequate YES! Do my kids know any better? Nope. The best part is you can see that we parked right next to the no parking sign and no one cared. (In Texas as long as you have a support our troops bumper sticker you can get away with all kinds of parking violations)

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