Monday, November 1, 2010

Derek's Party

Derek wearing his new Buzz light year wings from Aunt Net.

His favorite basketball game at Chuck E Cheese

And so it is that (I feel like starting all my posts this way) Derek was born the day after Halloween. I remember hoping that he was not born on Halloween soo bad only to realize the next day is pretty much just as bad. But we fit in a little family party this year and he was happy. I know I have to step up my game at some point. But I usually don't do that until I think they can retain bad memories. He is not at this point yet so its an easy peasy year for me. It hurts me to even blog about this cause I know how much his aunt Net wishes she could have been here but alas the show must go on. We had a chucky cheese party in memory of Annette. She always takes the kids there for their birthday so I knew he would love it and he totally did.

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Anonymous said...

OMG so freaking cute!!!! I love these video clips. And the wings in the car are priceless. Good job aunt net