Monday, November 29, 2010

Just don't touch my nice tree.

I have a nice "pretty tree" it is all designer like I like it. Nothing annoys me more than when my kids bring home a snowflake made of posicle sticks and glitter from school and hang it on ym nice tree. So Aunt net came up with the "Aunt Net Tree". Its a cute little tree upstairs that the kids can decorate however they want. She let them each pick out their own ornaments at the store as well as make some. She even banned me from moving the ornaments around to make it look better. So there are like 22 ornaments down low in the front of the tree and none at the top and on the sides. My kids are so much happier this year cause they can express their love for Christmas and not get yelled at. The funny part is my nice tree is actually not THAT nice in reality. Its all Target cheap stuff. So its Ghetto nice but at least I can dream.

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