Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leave no soldier behind!

Today we ran in a race/obstacle course called the Warrior Dash and it was so much fun as well as challenging. I love that it was more than just running. I am getting kind of bored with running these days. Andrew signed up with some co workers and didn't train at all for it. I wanted to do it with him so I was fine to stay back and keep his pace. (this is where the post title leave no soldier behind fits in) These days I would rather enjoy people's company and run what ever pace they run than go ahead and try to get these killer times. Plus I really was worried about him walking without my drill sergeant motivational threats. Some of the challenges were much harder than I thought and it was really hard to run cause the terrain was very un even and dangerous. I thought I was going to sprain my ankle. The part where we had to jump over fire was crazy cause it was soooo Hot and you could feel it burn your calves. I know you are thinking could she be more of a bad ass? Well today I just proved that I can. LOL

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