Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Add it all up $$$$$

These pictures might be disturbing to you but let me explain. My kids are literally costing me a fortune! I don't know how people with 6-10 kids can possibly afford it. Dead serious. Andrew has been in public accounting for 9 years now so he makes a pretty decent wage. Lets just say well over the national average. We are shelling out money on our kids health like it it grows on trees or something. People that make less must have to draw straws for who will skip dinner. We have gotten to the point where we have Ramen Noodle Sundays. I do my homework and try to find the cheapest doctors but its still allot of money. This year Olivia had $200.00 worth of Dental work (on teeth that will fall out mind you but don't say that to the dentist they will give you dirty looks) and her ears have added up to over $700.00. Then there are co pays for urgent care visits and her physical therapy. We were quoted $600.00 for Dallins dental work. That's going to be starting up soon. So call me dramatic but yeah I will do whatever is needed to save a buck or two or 400 on any type of dental work or health problem. I stock up on multivitamins and push new healthy foods in front of my kids all the time. And yes I sit on the younger ones to make sure to get any areas they might have missed while brushing. If they would just sit still and let me do it then I wouldn't have to now would I? For those of you that have kids that hold still and think this is a bit extreme I would like to introduce you to Derek. And trust me you would do the same if it were your pocket book getting hit.

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