Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good News

This morning we took Olivia to have her hearing checked after her big surgery she had at the begining of the month. The doctor wanted to give her ears at least a couple of weeks to drain and clear out. This morning she did all the tests and passed for the most part. She has a hard time with low level frequency sounds. So she can't hear you at all if you wisper ect. What it means is she has decent enough hearing to go to school but she is kind of like and old man where she might ask you to repeat yourself if you don't project your voice or speak clear. They will keep her under watch for the next 8-9 months but she can hear! I could tell the surgery was working cause we were at a restaraunt one day and she covered her ears and was very annoyed with the music and all the people talking. She has been very very moody lately because she can hear everything and she is not used to it. She can't seem to fall asleep or stay asleep because she is woken up by noises she wasn't able to hear before. She does have a small speach delay but I know we can fix that this summer with speach therapy. I am so happy and excited. Its hard for her to hear all this extra noise and I can tell it overwhelms her. Yesterday her brother was having a fit in the car and she was crying cause she hated how loud her was screaming. But its a small hurdle to jump compared to her possibly more than 50% deaf. I bought her ear plugs to cover her ears when she can't handle it. And we require her brother and sister to wear ear phones when they practice piano or play games on the computer or Dallin's DSI. My hope is over time she will gradually get used to it. The best part is the doc said she can go swimming this summer with ear plugs! Such a cute girl!

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Becka said...

Yea!!!! Livvy I am so excited. I just have one thing to say... Do you think I am dramatic hello.... Do you!!!!!1