Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Very Fun Game

On Wednesdays we have the Mott kids come over to play and then the next week my kids go to their house. Its so cool because all of her kids are the same ages and sex as my kids and they live closest to us of all the familes in the ward. A while ago Andrew revamped the game of musical chairs to work on the tramp and the kids loved it. Its so much fun! I usually have them put a sticker down on the pad for each child playing as the place to land when the music stops and then we take one sticker off each round till we have a winner. I always have candy or something for the winner. I hate moms that expect you to just play for the fun of it. Up the anti a bit and get some real competition going! Every time they come they beg me to play it. I don't mind. I have nothing better to do.

the vote for the song choice was from the movie Tangled. Naturally all the older boys opted out of playing. Derek was the only one man enough to stick around.

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