Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Basketball season came and went

It feels like this basketball season went by super fast but thats mainly because I only went to a handful of games. When we first started Dallin in sports I was hard core and thought no matter what it takes I will always come and support him but that whole thought process is long gone. We have had a few seasons of football where we would drag the whole family out to a game and I would watch my other three kids be bored off their rockers. It occured to me this not their obligation they need things for themselves. Now that Addie and Olivia are older we are starting to put them in things too and its evident that its impossible to get to everything with 4 kids. The girls always have done dance but they have one big performance a year not every Sat. Now its to the point where they all have something on Sat so I let go of being hard core. It took me a little over 5 years to figure this out so imagine how long it will take you!
Dallin did decent this basketball season but these kids are so young for the most part its a cluster fuck (pardon the expression but I know no other way of saying it) of kids scrambling for the ball. All we care about is that he improves his skill set to give him a foundation to keep building on. And he did accomplish that.

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