Monday, February 7, 2011

Men and Babysitting

I know some women that are so in love they seem to just over look everything their significant other does as blue bids fly in circles around their head. But lets be real people those women are missing a few bricks to begin with. I hate reading face book posts along the lines of... So lucky to marry such a great guy ect ect. I tend to be more.. I would say REALISTIC others might say pessimistic. Either way. I am not beyond grateful when the father of my children babysits most of the time because like all men he tends to not notice things I consider important. Wait let me re phrase that. They over look the kind of things social services would worry about. Men have an ability to tune out noises and whining like nothing I have ever seen. If they were honest with us they would admit they just sit on the couch and serf the web or start playing video games and scramble at the last min to pick up right before we get back. I have circumstantial evidence a mile long to support my theory. For example I came back from my morning run last Sat and the kids were vacuuming the bare floor of the garage. You would have to be pretty gone to not notice three kids hauling off a heavy vacuum and if you did notice at what point do you ask "where are you guys going with that?" For a man... they see no reason for concern. When I got back from visiting my sister EVERY single electrical plate on the first floor had been decorated with stickers. I have had one hell of a time getting them off and for the most part have given up on trying to get them off cause it makes me so mad. The mess. Ohhhh the MESS when I get home is so bad it looks like I left them alone for 4 hours. Not for one hour with a GROWN ADULT. Yesterday I came home to my little boy with a bald patch in his head because he got gum stuck in his hair and the best idea the male babysitter had was to just rip that patch of hair out. Men if you are reading this write this down. You use peanut butter to get gum out of hair. I can remember being baby sat by my dad and it was Hell A Fun cause he let us do all kinds of things my mom never did like running through the grocery store at lightening speed pushing my siblings in a shopping cart and knocking over a pyramid of oranges in the produce section. I get that its more fun for the kids. But seriously there are moments I think the 12 yr old girl that we have come over does a much much much better job. Yup a female child is knocking it out of the ball park fellas and your not!! Ugh MEN!!!

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