Sunday, February 27, 2011

baseball is expensive....

So now we hop right on over into baseball season. No rest for the weary. Andrew has been working crazy crazy hours so I was basically in charge of buying all the good stuff. I felt in adequate shopping for most of the stuff but my brother helped and then I defaulted to what I always do in these situations. I bought the most expensive stuff I could find. I figure it for sure won't suck if its priced that high. We also had a bit of a set back with pitching. According to Dallin I suck and Andrew threw out his arm so the only way we can get batting in on his days off was to buy a pitching machine. I am so immature though I keep wanting to do cool stuff with it. Like the other day I tried to convince Dallin to put his cup on and I would aim the pitching machine at it to see if his cup would hold up to a fast ball. Not to mention how much fun it would be to go out on the balcony and start firing rounds off at the neighbor kids. Overall I am shocked at how expensive baseball is. Even the balls are expensive. Baseball is a "LITTLE PEOPLE" sport. There I said it. Short men and boys with very little growing potential make a BIG deal out of this game and thats fine cause its their only shot at being an athlete. Any time you see a 5'6" dad waltz in with his 8 yr old that's no bigger than a toddler, step aside cause they mean business! And for some reason baseball really reigns in the white trash folk too. At the bear minimum its very entertaining.

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