Sunday, October 9, 2011


This weekend was Homecoming for Dallin and Olivia. You would think no big deal right? I mean they are young. But not in Texas. It was a big deal. The whole week was full of preparation for this one day. I was going to miss it for my race but I had Andrew take some pics. Here in Texas the big thing is a mum for the girls. The bigger the better and a garter for the boys. The cheer leaders got to escort the boys onto the field as they called out their names. Olivia escorted several boys. Which she loved doing but I guess her old man wasn't too pleased with it.. cause he stopped taking pics after the third one. Dallin ran away from his little cheerleader thinking that was the cool thing to do. That so would NOT have happened if I was there! All the football players had a poster that needed to be put on the fence for them. I just did what I could do and he was happy with it.

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