Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dallin is learning

When my dad is in football season so is Dallin. It makes my dad too busy to make it to one of Dallin's games and Dallin too busy to make it to one of grandpa's games. This Sat Dallin's season was over and my dad had one more game to coach so we made it a point to go show our support. More importantly my dad wanted to teach Dallin a few things. He is very lucky to have my dad on his side cause most coaches in youth sports are just dads/football fans which doesn't always make a good coach. This is his 5th season and he never learns much so my dad got him a pass to go down on the field. Each and every play he got to see bigger kids do it and see how to do it right. The team they were playing are very very good. The Houston area is a very competitive in football they have huge stadiums and enormous amounts of money to throw at football. Most people that are not from Texas are shocked at how nice the facilities are and how the community treats the football coaches like Gods. The school my dad is at is a little different. After hurricane Katrina a bunch of student athletes moved to the Houston area from New Orleans. Well the bigger nicer high schools tried to stay with the best athletes so they split school boundaries and my dad's high school kind of got what was left over. Which is great for my dad...he loves working with young boys and showing them how to grow and develop character. But it was hard for me to watch. Some of his players come from very rough environments so some of the parents were drunk and screaming and yelling obscene things at the coaching staff. Even worse they were embarrassing their sons out there playing hard. Some of the things these men were yelling were so cruel and wrong I wanted to back hand them. Yet my dad and the other coaches stayed calm and kept teaching and encouraging the players. Life is not simple or easy and 90% of what makes it so hard is dealing with people and trying to manage relationships. I love that Dallin got to see that aspect as well cause its prevalent in this sport. These boys will see that no matter who or where they came from they can become the kind of change they want in life. I can't tell you how many times I have been in some random public place and had ex players of my dad come up and tell me what a difference he made in their life. I am so proud to be his daughter words can't express. My kids love him to death.

Andrew and Dallin talking about the play that just happened

This is the cops trying to calm down one of the parents ;(

my dad ignoring the man

still trying to ignore the angry mob

Dallin was scared but Andrew was talking him through it.

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