Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baseball 2014

Derek's age division didn't have a full team so it is just Dallin playing baseball this season. And can I just say he is an amazing baseball player!!! His pitching has really gotten good. I usually can't watch so I have not seen many of his games, but I went to his game on Monday night. First inning her struck out three batters ..boom, boom, boom 3 outs. Then he pitched again 2nd inning and again struck out three batters in a row. No one got on base. He came over to the fence and said "Hey mom. Did you like that? Do you like watching your boy pitch? Do you like watching me kill it?" I laughed so hard. More than I love watching him have success I love his sense of humor. He is hysterical. He knows I get nervous and I think I am bad luck, so he was giving me a hard time about it and I LOVE him for that. It made me feel like maybe I am not bad luck. Well... I still kind of think I am... but he wanted me to know that HE doesn't think I am. And that warms my heart! <3 <3

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