Sunday, May 4, 2014

Olivia turns 8

No big party. NO baptism (what a "blessing" that has been). But I did take her out of school and we had lunch, and went shopping, and her grandparents came so we could have cake and ice cream. She was beyond happy to get all the cool toys she wanted like and American Girl Doll bed (from aunt Net) and Camper Trailer. Plus afew littlest Pet shop toys (from her siblings). My favorite thing was when she stayed home from school and we made littlest pet shop tins for her to play with in the car or on the go. I do detest crafty women. But I must admit when I want to be I can get pretty creative. I love how the little tins turned out. Making them together was the best. I love her. She is so cute I want to just squeeze her to death.

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