Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter 2014

My brother will be moving this summer. I seriously will miss his little boys. He came up for sort of our last family holiday together and they spent the night so this Easter was extra special. Plus Annette took the glow in the dark egg hunt up about 3 levels. She found these little LED lights to put in the plastic eggs and they are waaaaaay better than glow sticks. We had glow glasses and glow balloons and Glow guns. It was crazy fun! At the end each kid got a big egg from her with money and candy. My dad did his egg hunt on Sunday. I pulled the bitch card and told him it had to be at a park because I wasn't going to have my nice yard all torn up. He did a small hunt at the park and then went back to my house for the "Grand Hefe" egg hunt. So I basically can never get respect from my dad even as an adult. He still calls me Odie. My nephew calls me Odie. You can't have a big ego in this family. Another cool thing was the egg dying. We used regular food coloring instead of the kits and it made some really pretty colors.

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