Thursday, February 7, 2008


Dallin loves to draw and color. He prefers his own creations but he as been abiding by what the teacher is asking him to do lately. This picture is so cute to me. Maybe after all four of my kids have been in kindergarten i will just throw these pictures away cause they will be so common. But for now he is my first and its so fun to ask him what is in the picture. This one he said is a plant in a jar. The green triangles are the plant. Then he drew a skull head next to it cause we live in the desert and thats what he thinks is a normal accessory for plants. The pink little flower is smiling. And the black areas are the food apparently. And there are blue drops cause its being watered. Finally there is a little yellow sun in the left hand corner.
Could it be cuter?
And I love how they write their name when they are first learning how.

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