Monday, February 11, 2008

Child Abuse

Addie made me tie her to the kitchen table this week. It felt so wrong. And can you imagine what people would think if they came over and saw a child tied to a table. But she was pretending to be a horse. She had this set up for a few days. One day we were playing outside for a while and I noticed she didnt come back out. She had re-tied herself and couldn't get it off her neck and so she was a horsy for a little longer than she wanted to be. Andrew (Mr. practical) explained to me the dangers of her maybe chocking "What if your in the shower and she has to go to the bathroom" ect... and I finally had to hide the leash and put it away.
Bummer. I always wanted a horse I can remember as a little girl wishing for one a star one year.

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