Friday, February 22, 2008

Two peas in a pod

My mom dressed the girls up in their princess dresses today so they could dance to pretty music. Addie loves to do this and you can see she really took to her character. The only thing missing in her mind are several mirrors so she can look at herself while she dances. Her sister being a girl too was dressed in a dress as well but she does not like it the way Addie does. They are very different. Addie is a girly girl. She loves to always have jewelry on and she told me once when one of her earrings came up missing to find it fast cause she looked like a boy without it. Olivia hates anything I put in her hair and she doesn't take to the princess movies the way Addie does.


Becka said...

Thank you for posting something on your blog. It really makes John and I feel like we are apart of thier lives. Every night before we go to bed we say lets see what the kids did today. Addie has really good form and when the kids get older I think you should put her in dance classes. Livvy is Livvy, she is so cute. Addie and LIvvy remind me of you and me when we were younger, you liked all the girl stuff and I was the non interested one. We love you all! H XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Jed & Rachel said...

Tell her Uncle Jed thinks she dances beautiful.