Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jed Addie made you a Valentine

Andrew's grandfather isnt doing well so i bought these photo frames to make him and take to him to say get better. Colleen stoped by and he kind of was tired and wasnt up to having the little kids come over that night. So we still have them at our home. The problem is Addie wants it to go to uncle Jed. She keeps getting it and hiding it so she can give it to him. I give up. But I dont have stamps and the time to mail it cause here in Arizona we have to drive our outgoing mail to a box. So here it is for him to enjoy. She really did actually make it all by herself. Pretty good for a three year old huh. But she does specialize in pink and anything that has to do with hearts.

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Jed & Rachel said...

Tell Addy I would love to be her Valentine and I'll be "making" her a Valentine.