Sunday, December 7, 2008


This Halloween was one of the funnest for our family. We added a life size witch that stirs her pot and says things to our halloween collection. And a giant spider. Plus we felt up to having a party at our house for the kids. It turned out to be way fun. I think there are a few things we need to tweak for next years party but thats the point of the first party it has to start some where and it can only get better from there. Andrew was a gorilla and he really did a good job of playing the role. He would go up to the kids and steal their bags and act all crazy. Some parents were bent out of shape and would pass our house cause we chose to scare children. But thats part of the entertainment as well. I was the Devil. I know there are several people that feel it was a perfect costume for my personality and I am ok with that too. Dallin was a transformer again! Bumblebee this time. Addie was riding a horse again! but we had her be a princess riding a unicorn to mix it up. Olivia was a care bear. And Derek was a lion that slept through most of it. Its our favorite holiday here at the weeks home and we cant wait for next year.

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JandJ said...

YEAH! A new post! I love the've convinced me to go professional. You look amazing! And you made me think for a second about how much fun four kids seem. I love how Dallin's arm is around Addie in the walking one. So cute!