Monday, December 22, 2008

Sugar Cookies

I have this thing where I dont bake. Its because it stresses me out and with four kids I start yelling at them when things get burned cause they were fighting or making too much noise. They dont have to be near the kitchen at all and its their fault. For me if I am making their life miserable was it really worth it? Therefore I only make sugar cookies once per year.
I think another reason I stress is cause I like them a certain way. They have to be soft with just a little brown on the bottom and very thick. And nothing but homemade icing (the store bought stuff is a jip).
The kids love them. Its like poverty stricken kids when they get toys. My kids act just like that.
Any way we did it. I tried to breath deep. I went to Yoga solid for a month just to release all the negative energy for this day.
It was fun. I had a good time. I kept it together and smiled. The mess was astronomical.
You see I have this thing where if its too much of a mess whatever the mess is on goes in the trash. For example the other day Derek woke up (earlier than I would have liked)and was tired of wearing a poopy diaper so he took it off. Everything that was involved got thrown away. Clothes, socks, sheets, pillows, stuffed animals. Trust me I am way nicer to all of them if I don't try to clean it up.
In this instance I swear to you I was soooo close to throwing away the kitchen chairs. My kids do this thing where they are annoyed at whatever is on their hands so they wipe them on anything within reach. They dont think to grab a napkin or dish towel. Usually its my church dress or a wall or furniture. This time it was the chair they were sitting on. I was not nice or happy after washing the chairs off. In fact half my face was twitching.
All in all I hope the kids made a good memory. Andrew took them outside to hide them from my language as I was cleaning. So as far as their concerned this is the best Christmas Ever!
Derek did this thing where he would eat a cookie and drink a whole glass of milk before starting another. I swear he is my only source of happiness.

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