Monday, December 15, 2008

Nitro-Dash Rash

This is our new puppy. He is a little bigger than when we first got him. I guess we were so busy picking up poop around the house we forgot to take pictures. He is like most babies he loves to be held and he loves to play and he loves positive reinforcement. It seems like he poops and pees more than normal cause I have to clean it up. But oddly enough we love him. And just like my real babies I will love him so much more when he is potty trained. He will get his second set of shots on the 17th and then he can start his puppy training course. The kids enjoy walking him. Addie carries him around like a baby and drives him crazy. And he plays with Derek like one of his own kind. The best part is Andrew loves him the most. He was the kind of guy that hated dogs. Now you cant keep him from handing out bacon strips every five seconds. I feel like I buy those treats more for him than the dog. He was named Nitro by his previous owners. I guess Andrew didnt like it cause I got a voice message from petsmart saying Dash's poop sample came back all clear. And if you ask Dallin his name is Dash Rash. All I can say is he is a nice addition to our home. He even got his own stocking and a Santa suite cause he is our favorite Christmas Gift.

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