Friday, December 5, 2008


Update on my status with the computer is that I have taken it in and it will be fixed on Monday. I cant wait to get it back and download some songs.
We have had so much happen since it broke I don't even know how I will remember it all, but I will try.
This last week we had a professional take pictureS of us. It was so nice to see cute pictures of the kids and I know Andrew loved them. I will try and post some if I can figure out how to do it on his computer. I felt like I looked fat. Not as fat as before but I would like and extra 20lbs to come off. I have lost 60 to date and am taking a break enjoying some eggnog. I will go back for the other 20 when I feel like I am in the mood to spend another few hundred dollars on a new wardrobe in another size. For the most part we have just been hanging out. We got a dog. A cute jack russle puppy who pees in the house and is too rough with the kids. We have him all signed up for stuff at petsmart and he will begin puppy training classes soon. And we are all geared up and excited about Christmas. Thanksgiving was nice. My parents came and Marie Calendars cooked for us. My kids loved them and miss them. They might come back for Christmas festivities. I feel like every one has been really lagging on their blogs. I wish you all would post more. I would if I had a computer. Any way.......
I guess I will be back up and running on Monday!

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