Thursday, January 21, 2010


I grew up in the LDS church. My whole life we didn't skip sacrament meetings or general conference. I guess if I were a convert I would have more patience but I don't. I HATE!!! long prayers. I think its distasteful and egotistical. But thats just my opinion. Prayer is a very private conversation between two people so prayers that are said in public to start a meeting or bless food should be brief and get to the point. I am sure we have all heard the story of the prophet Brigham Young eating his food before the prayer was over. I will do the same thing and not bat an eye. I can't stand it when people pause and take a long deep breath during a prayer. Like they can't seem to handle one thought process leading into another one or they just want to seem that much more spiritual. Either way I think its rubbish. I guess it bothers me to the point where I refuse to bless the food if I have a long winded prayer giver in the room. Think what you want I am happy to chill in a lower kingdom before I will sit for what seems like hours and listen to a slow monotonous prayer. Olivia and Addie go to a Methodist preschool and they have this little song they sing before they eat their lunch. Its perfect!!! I love that its sweet simple to the point and super cute. I decided to give in a little and allow the kids to bless the food with their little song.

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