Friday, January 8, 2010


I love it when you go to download pictures and there are over a hundred random blurry lego pics taken by Dallin the 7 yr old. I am not a huge fan of legos. You need at least a billion of them to make a kid happy and then they are everywhere but in one spot. If the vacuum cleaner would pick up the pieces then it would be great cause I am the kind of mom that is inclined to just roll right over them. But alas I am miserable as they invade my life. With yet another little boy that will like them too. I guess Dallin feels a need to take pictures of his creations cause he knows how quickly his mom throws them in a bucket while he is at school. The funniest part is I will look back at these pics and bawl my eyes out at how cute and creative he was. The worst is when he adorns my fire place mantel and window ledges in the house with his lego ships and his creations like it adding to the decor of the house in some way.

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