Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well I am kind of out of things to write about for the blog. I try to make it a point to blog often otherwise I hate that I forgot things and missed out on a chance to keep a memory. On the other hand when I try to blog too much I feel like I make up things to blog about. Lol. Like kids quick look cute so I can take a picture and make up a blog. Any way my only idea was to update about how the potty training is going. He is doing great. Its been a breeze compared to Livvy. I think boys have these giant tanks though. Cause he can hold his pee forever and then unload a gallon at a time. My girls do these tiny pees that trickle out every other min. The only mistakes he seems to have are when my mom is here. I find this so frustrating cause she is my biggest critic. So when I arrive home from the store and she tells me he had wet pants I feel like its all a conspiracy to drive me to the loony bin. I know her and my kids sit in secret and plot against me. The other day we were at the lake and every one was throwing rocks into the lake to make a big splash. The min I pick up a rock and pull back my arm to throw all four of my kids in perfect unison hit the deck. It was like they planned it or my parents payed them $20 bucks each just so they could watch and laugh. Why else would they duck? I am not paranoid!!

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