Thursday, February 18, 2010


Baseball season is in. And we had a little bit of a parenting disagreement. To sum it up in 25 words or less Andrew got screwed. Sports has always been a "hot topic" in our marriage. His family dabbled a little into a few things but they were no where near as competitive or driven as my family was. The problem with that is they don't understand how much harder the competitive athlete trains and dedicates themselves. My dad has always said if you do it then do it right and give 100%. That being said I wouldn't sign my kid up for piano and not care if they didn't put in the time to practice. I would not sign my kid up for baseball and not give him the proper glove. Andrew's argument was that he is only 7 and it doesn't make a difference to how he plays. (plus his glove was cheaper=accountant) But my father would rather drop dead then have him not completely dedicated to the game. And if that means having the right equipment then we must get a genuine leather glove. Andrew got all mad at me in the store and told me to butt out and let him buy the glove for HIS son!(um.. I was prego for nine months and breast fed your just the sperm donor). I secretly bought the right glove and was oiling it and wrapping it with a ball in the middle to break it in and have it perfect for his first practice.
When Andrew found out he didn't yell or rage or get that upset. Though I know inside he HATES that I went above him.
Do I feel bad about it? No. He has other positive things in his life to look to. Andrew is very very smart and he is very good at his career. He constantly gets bonuses and awards for being a good manager and coach to his staff. Plus when Basketball season comes around I will gladly take a back seat. But with Football and Baseball I have to draw the line somewhere. I will allow him in the stands to cheer on his son or buy the Gatorade. No more non sense. I pitty the FOO!

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