Friday, February 5, 2010


I hated doing chores as a kid. I felt like my mom was in the slave labor business. She always made us work like dogs and then was never thankful. I have always had my kids clean up their own rooms or pick up their toys when they are done playing but never added to that for fear of being like my mom. One day out of the blue Addie just emptied the dishwasher for me. And all she wanted in return was candy! I was shocked at how she knew where things went. The other day was cold and rainy and the kids were running around and jumping on beds and wrestling. I was loosing my mind so I told them we were going to do chores. It was great cause it channeled their energy and I was pleased to have less to do myself after they went to bed.
Derek wanted in on the action. But he is a fire ball and I didn't have the patience to supervise him. Addie is really loving with him so she volunteered to help him put away the silverware. It was so cute when he would say good job after each spoon was placed in its spot. I promised to blog about it cause the kids want their dad to see how they are helping (he is in busy season and gone all the time)

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