Friday, February 5, 2010

Olivia's Chore

Olivia is "VERY SPECIAL" right now. Meaning she is going through the terrible threes. My older two kids went through a phase at this age too. Its like they are grumpy old men with no patience. You can't let them sleep too much or too little. You have to feed them right on time. You can't ask them the wrong question or imply that they are grumpy. But no matter what you do they still are impossible to work with. So I had to come up with something simple and easy. Usually my counter tops are cluttered with the items that need to be recycled and can't go into the garbage can. Her job is to walk out anything that is needing to be recycled and put it in the bin. Its very helpful for me and she gets to feel like she is doing as much as the other kids.

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