Friday, February 12, 2010

I have never been so injured

Uncle Jed came to town for a couple of days and it just so happened that Aunt Becka was coming to visit too. There is something about my family. Only when we are together do we engage in the kind of things only our family thinks is fun. But we had soooooo much fun and this indoor jumping place. Its was sooooo much fun. Seriously! We played with the kids and then we made up this obstacle course and timed ourselves on who could do it faster. I got so banged up. My elbow is all swollen and my knees have rug burn. Then we played hide and go seek. Jed kept being "IT" but you got to hide well homie or you get found first!

A picture of Addie sitting out with an ouch. (for the record she has set up house on the injured reserve list) (high maintenance)

Nolan was cracking me up cause he kept laughing the more he got thrown around.


Rachel said...

Wait, wait, wait. I thought that the obstacle course was always Andrew's idea. I didn't realize it comes from your side of the family. That explains a lot.

Camille Weeks said...

No way. Hanging out with Andrew's family is like going to a funeral or a political debate. The most fun they have is playing fruit basket tipped over. And they REALLY get excited about that game cause it involves movement.

Made To Shine said...

Totally random noter. I actually was didn't even mean to click "next blog" which is what brought yours up. Still, I read your entry. And I have to say I totally understand. My family is the same way. When we all get together we do things nobody else would ever think of as fun, and we enjoy them. Topping last years list was an egg hunt and trip to bounce u, our indoor bounce house. lol.

Jed & Rachel said...

Thanks for not mentioning my wipeout Odie. I've got rug burns on my knees and elbows still. That was a blast!!!