Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dallin is 9 now!

Dallin's birthday was the second day of school. He claimed we should have let him stay home from school but I thought that was a bad idea so he went any way. But before we sent him off we loaded him with sugar to show him how much we love him. I woke up extra early and got him his favorite donuts and put candles in one and we sang to him. We added some chocolate milk for good measure and sent all the kids off to let their teachers deal with their sugar high and subsequent sugar low. Not my problem yo! I took cupcakes to his class and then we had pizza and ice cream cake. Pretty low key but fun none the less.

His oreo birthday cake. I made sure to have some before I went to work and was sick as a dog.

His morning birthday donuts. We live large in this house Baby!

I found these cute cupcakes that look like hamburgers to take to his school class. The kids in his class thought it was so cool. Major mom points on this one.

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