Thursday, August 11, 2011

more....Baaaaack to school

All my kids will be in school this year which will leave me all by myself for hours a day :) I was so not ready to put Derek in preschool. I wanted to keep him as long as I could but he has been around kids his whole life. He will be all by himself and bored and lets face it I suck at playing cars. I refuse to baby sit another persons child to bring in a friend cause that makes me feel so tied down with vacations and dr. appointments. Once you get "fixed" and decide you are done you are done DONE DONE DONE!. Meaning I did my kids play dates and play groups and babysitting swaps ect. But I am done with kids. I get the year off. Preschool was a good option for him to play and do crafts and music time. Which will be way more fun than hanging out with mom. :( I thought about going back to school to fill up my free time but then I decided to literally just take a break. I do teach still so work keeps me occupied and I have tons of friends ect with my job and I will volunteer at the kids school. And I don't know what else. We will see how it goes. But I am so damn excited I can't stop buying back to school stuff for the kids. I have even taken on extra classes to help with the expense. I hung up most of their stuff today. I had been stock piling it in my closet cause I wanted them to not wear it all and keep it brand new for school. Once I saw it all together in their drawers and closets I realized I went waaaay over board. One more week and I free free free. No babies no potty training. NADA Just lunch dates and shopping and all the fun stuff. I had them young and I paid my dues I don't know if I would recommend it to any one to do it the way I did it but it works for me and I am happy.

Cute back to school clothes. Luv my girls

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